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Proposal Managers 

Receive Real-Time Notifications

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Automates Notifications of Tasks, Events, Assignments, Updates, and Due Dates


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Benefits of OneTeam

  • Receive automatic notifications for changes to the opportunity, tasks, due date, new notes, and much more through Notification button. View and clear notifications individually or as a group.

  • Notification icons - new note, opportunity created or modified, tasks, comment - allow for quick review.

  • OneTeam's Activity Feed maintains history of changes to opportunity, updates from GovWin, updates to schedule, assignments, tasks, new notes, and qualification activity. These cannot be cleared and are maintained in the opportunity record.

  • Notifications and Activity Feed include 'unread' number for messages.

  • Email notifications are sent to new teaming partners, writers, and when data calls are issues, approved, and rejected.

More OneTeam Features for Proposal Managers

computer web-1 Automatic Writer Packages

Define writers in Proposal Manager Dashboard and auto-generate writer packages in Microsoft Word without cutting/pasting RFP annotations into multiple documents.

Team discussion Collaborative Color Teams

Auto-Generate color team review documents from writer packages without cutting/pasting. Score sections with custom Word add-in.

idea to award Capture Data Integration

Integrate capture strategies into winning proposals by mapping them to proposal outline, where it is visible to writers and reviewers.

document listProposal Outline

Develop outline and link RFP requirements and eliminate manual annotated outline.

Organization relationship Team Management

Manage internal and external contributors at the opportunity level. Assign subcontractors to write or review specific documents.

calendarProposal Schedule

Milestones, color team reviews, tasks, and deadlines are kept with opportunity and can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. 

Pipeline Proposal Manager Dashboard

Manage proposal outline, map RFP requirements, map capture strategies, set page counts, and assign writers, reviewers, and book bosses. View writer progress and reviewer scores.

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