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Proposal Managers 

Update the Opportunity, Schedule, and Make Assignments

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Automates Notifications of Tasks, Events, Assignments, Updates, and Due Dates


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Benefits of OneTeam

  • Receive automatic notifications for changes to the opportunity, tasks, due date, new notes, and much more through Notification button. View and clear notifications individually or as a group.

  • Notification icons - new note, opportunity created or modified, tasks, comment - allow for quick review.

  • OneTeam's Activity Feed maintains history of changes to opportunity, updates from GovWin, updates to schedule, assignments, tasks, new notes, and qualification activity. These cannot be cleared and are maintained in the opportunity record.

  • Notifications and Activity Feed include 'unread' number for messages.

  • Email notifications are sent to new teaming partners, writers, and when data calls are issues, approved, and rejected.

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