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You cannot Change the Customer's Timeline or Requirements

But you can Streamline, Automate, and Manage the Bid Process Better

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You cannot control the Customer's requirements or their procurement timeline. But you can use available tools and processes to get more done in less time with OneTeam.

Here are some of the many ways OneTeam can help your BD Team work smarter to make the most of your limited personnel resources and stay with the Customer's Timeline.

  • OneTeam's custom Word add-in removes the need for an annotated outline.
  • Additional time savings when the RFP Shred function is released.
  • Create a Schedule in OneTeam and populate it with the Color Team Reviews, Meetings, and Milestones - OneTeam automatically populates the RFI, DRFP, RFP, Proposal Due, and Contract Start dates that are completed in an opportunity.
  • Assign deadlines for Data Calls and Writing & Reviewing assignments.
  • OneTeam's Word add-in automatically creates a Word document for each assigned writer. The Proposal Manager is freed from copying and pasting separate files each time they move from writing to reviewing and back to writers. 
  • OneTeam maintains all configuration control so you never have to worry about someone using an old version of document. 
  • Emails and Gate Reviews have auto-fill data that keeps you from manually typing the same solicitation data over and over. 

Benefits of OneTeam

  • Reduce the typing or cutting/pasting that could introduce data errors.
  • Stop retyping or inputting opportunity data multiple times into different briefings or charts.
  • Eliminates the manual task of creating an annotated outline.
  • Keeps all related bid information securely organized by opportunity, where you can always find the information you need.
  • Eliminates the emailing of documents and the potential security risks.
  • Spend more time creating winning strategies and refining compelling content rather than cutting and pasting data and manually performing many menial tasks.


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