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There are many ways to get more work done with the same staffing level with OneTeam. Proposal & Capture Managers can use automation to streamline and perform traditionally manual tasks. Here are some of the many ways OneTeam can help your BD Team work smarter to make the most of your limited personnel resources.

  • Automate Pipeline creation and maintenance by integrating with GovWin to continuously update solicitation information, download documents, and refresh solicitation dates. Over 30 data fields are directly pulled from GovWin.
  • Hold BD Meetings in OneTeam using real-time information and stop retyping opportunity information into PowerPoint charts.
  • OneTeam's custom Word add-in removes the need for an annotated outline and when RFP Shred is released.
  • Use contact associations to associate multiple people or companies to record customer meeting or phone call notes. 
  • Writers check each requirement as they are addressed in their Writing Section and Proposal Managers see their status update in real-time in the Proposal Assignments section.
  • Color Team Reviewers work collaboratively in Microsoft 365 and use co-authoring functions to review the same document at the same time.
  • OneTeam's Word add-in automatically creates a Word document for each assigned writer. The Proposal Manager is freed from copying and pasting separate files each time they move from writing to reviewing and back to writers. 
  • Companies customize multiple Qualification Matrices to have the right matrix for the opportunity already available online for the team. You can create a Prime bid matrix, a subcontractor matrix, a Task Order bid matrix, or other matrix you frequently use.
  • All opportunity data is in one location and remains with that opportunity forever. Even years later, a BD team member can review the information, see who wrote which sections of the proposal, and easily access documents as needed.


Benefits of OneTeam

  • Reduce the typing or cutting/pasting that could introduce data errors.
  • Stop retyping or inputting opportunity data multiple times into different briefings or charts.
  • Eliminates the manual task of creating an annotated outline.
  • Use contact associations to associate multiple people or companies to a note.
  • Real-time status of Writers and Reviewers reduce time asking for constant updates.
  • Save hours on each Color Team Review in Microsoft 365 since the Proposal Manager does not have to combine multiple reviewer comments into a document or using Word's compare feature.
  • The splitting and combining of writing and review documents takes seconds instead of hours and removes the risk of cut and paste errors.


More OneTeam Features for Proposal Managers

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