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Customize OneTeam Options to Support their Processes and Industry Best Practices

Bd Lifecycle-1

Sample Mapping of BD Process to OneTeam

Each opportunity has multiple tabs, which are referred to in the right column.

Sample mapping

OneTeam can support the entire BD Lifecycle and has built in tools to perform nearly every function or process throughout the bid cycle. 

OneTeam does NOT enforce following specific steps at specific times but allows users the freedom to customize features and activities based on their preferred processes. Shipley wrote the book on Business Development, and OneTeam can easily support over 85 steps in their exhaustive 96-Step Process.

Users can incorporate their own processes with OneTeam training materials to create a custom BD manual for their team. Here are just a few of the ways OneTeam supports process enforcement.

  • Designate specific data fields that are required to be completed before moving from one stage to the next.
  • Create a Gate Review template and require the Capture Manager complete by a specified date.
  • Create a Proposal Outline, map RFP requirements and then create custom Writer Packages, enforcing built-in features such as
  • Writers cannot change, delete or add proposal sections.
  • Writers have specific assigned sections, and they do not have access to other sections - they write their own sections and then turn in.
  • Designate due dates and template for proposal documents and enforce Restricted editing features in Word to limit the Word Styles that can be incorporated in a document. 
  • Writers check off requirements to denote status.
  • Data Calls are automatically distributed without emailing documents - links are emails and only recipients can complete data calls.
  • Only designated personnel can access opportunities, and must be assigned to an opportunity to participate in the writing or review process.
  • Auto-route NDAs and Teaming Agreements and check status so that you ensure all agreements are signed before a Kick-Off Meeting.
  • Assign tasks to specific personnel with a due date, and they check status.
  • Conduct a Capture Strategy Workshop using the Strategy section of an opportunity and record Customer Concerns, Solutions, Benefits to Customer, and Proof Points. 
  • Create Win Themes and have then finalized by Capture and approved by Management team with check-off function.

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