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Proposal Managers

Manage all documents, assignments, tasks, notes, and meetings in a centralized platform

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Benefits of OneTeam

  • Opportunity-centric Azure GovCloud platform to manage all aspects of a bid.

  • Create the Schedule
  • Real-time status of tasks and assignments
  • Assign tasks
  • Record notes, meetings, and phone calls
  • Organize capture, proposal, templates, and solicitation documents
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams
  • Develop and maintain Capture Data
  • Create Proposal Outline, Shred RFP, and create Writer Packages.
  • Create and Distribute Data Calls, Capability Matrix and other documents.
  • Update and manage graphic library
  • Create SWOT Analysis, Win Themes, Features & Benefits, and winning strategies

More OneTeam Features for Proposal Managers

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