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Follow 3 Easy Steps to Create an Automated Compliance Matrix

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Automated Outline and Word Integration ensures Outline is Controlled by Proposal Manager


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Benefits of OneTeam

  • Create proposal outlines for multiple volumes.

  • Maintain outline integrity and compliance while compiling writer inputs.

  • Quickly map RFP requirements from Sections L, M, and C.

  • Map Win Themes, Features & Benefits, and Proof Points.

  • Automatically create references in brackets after outline headings.

  • Customize heading numbering to company style guide.

  • Update outline as needed and flow outline changes to the writers' documents automatically.


More OneTeam Features for Proposal Managers

computer web-1 Automatic Writer Packages

Define writers in Proposal Manager Dashboard and auto-generate writer packages in Microsoft Word without cutting/pasting RFP annotations into multiple documents.

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