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Data Call Dashboard provides Real-Time status

of NDA's, Teaming Agreements, and other Data Calls


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Benefits of OneTeam

  • Capture Managers create opportunity-specific data calls and upload to the opportunity record.

  • OneTeam automatically distributes data call notice via email to potential or signed teaming partners.

  • Data Calls are not emailed, but a link is sent to allow teaming partners to complete the data call in OneTeam.

  • Each data call document can only be sent once to a teaming partner.

  • Data Call dashboard shows a color-coded status for each data call - Distributed, Submitted (by teaming partner) Accepted (by sender), or Rejected (with reason provided by prime).

  • Teaming partners will also receive email notices when data calls are accepted or rejected.

  • Prime company can workflow NDA, Teaming Agreement, information requests, and any Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or pdf document to teaming partners.

  • Never hold a Kick-Off Meeting and find out the Teaming Agreements are not signed!

More OneTeam Features for Capture Managers

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