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Automates Gate Reviews with dozens of auto-filled data fields



Benefits of OneTeam

  • All capture data is tied directly to the opportunity in an organized capture workspace.

  • All capture data remains with the opportunity, even after the opportunity is no longer active, such as if the Opportunity Stage is Won, Lost, No Bid, or Bid Cancelled.

  • The majority of opportunity data can be auto-filled by OneTeam into a Gate Review template - all opportunity dates, incumbent information, customer name, opportunity name, GovWin ID number, primary contact POC, acquisition status, and much more.

  • Gate Reviews can leverage Qualification Matrix, Capability Matrix, and Opportunity Schedule.

  • Gate Reviews can include customized Checklists, including checklists for team members, questions for customers and many others.

  • Capture Managers can create multiple Gate Review templates, which are then available for all opportunities in the pipeline.

  • Gate Reviews can be presented in a meeting or viewed in Edit mode to update during a meeting.

More OneTeam Features for Capture Managers

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